Thursday, October 9, 2008

Airtight Theory

With goosebumps on your legs, there is no better solution than a pair of tights, and who better but iniam (and Theory) to provide them? With designs and colors that reflect the current season and styles, these tights winter-fy your dresses and skirts and those long tunics you were wondering what to do with after summer yawns its way to sleep.

Theory tights: in chocolate, pine, plum, black, charcoal, and black diamond pattern (ooo...sounds dangerous!)

James Perse tees

A boxload of tops from James Perse recently arrived in jellybean-ish colors; 180 degrees from their usual subdued color palette. Long-sleeved v-necks, just in time for the cooler nights in evergreen, azaela, charcoal, lakeshore blue, and of course white and black. Same color palette, different style, the contrast panel button up shirt with rolled up sleeves, is a little dressier, albeit still the same comfort you find in all James Perse tops. I'll be darned if I can find a photo of any of the colors, but you can at least see the style in the one posted here.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Furry Friend

Having a pet on a cold winter day is nice; you can nuzzle up with them to watch the newest episode of Mad Men or Dexter, sipping a glass of red wine or eating a warm bowl of soup. But now you can get that same warm fuzzy feeling in the new Gryphon coats that just arrived last week. Fur trimmed (faux fur) at the wrist and knee mine hanging woefully in my closet waiting the first cold snap. In the meantime, I 've got a my cat.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Better late than never!

For those of you following along this Blog, you may have noticed no blogging for a few, er, weeks. There's good reason, but none of which I claim to confess right now. Onward...

We've got so many great new things in the store, it's hard to choose which to write about, but I'll start with our newest addition to the denim family, Earnest Sewn.

We've got three styles and three colors on the racks: "Decca" is Earnest Sewn's popular straight leg jean, and we have it in a dark, even wash. Then there is the Keaton, a medium wash easy going boot cut. Finally, look for the Ali, a little wider than a boot cut and slightly slimmer than a flare- in the best wash - reminds me of my favorite pair of Levi's after hundreds of washings.