Thursday, February 26, 2009

Trina, Trina, Trina...

What's not to love about Trina Turk? She uses fabulous colors, prints, fabrics and her fit...well, she just gets our bodies. Now imagine the graphic prints of Trina's clothing collection in pillows and upholstery to pop the interiors of your home. Phil Smith of The Art Office designed Trina Turk residential, which is located right next door to Trina's original Boutique on N. Palm Canyon Drive in Palm Springs. In addition to the items made with Trina Turk signature prints, you'll find a carefully curated selection of beautiful items for the home, including Missoni towels, one of a kind handmade vessels from Atwater Pottery, Trina Turk Candles and more!

So now you look great and your home looks fantastic. BUT, it gets better. Yup, Trina Turk has launched a men's line as well. Come on girls, we all like a little arm candy. Visit Trina's website to see and purchase the men's line. Your man is about to look as good as you! Yeah, your look better!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Tricks of the Trade

Tricks aren't just for kids anymore. Through my days at iniam, I have come across a few handy tricks/tips that have really helped my wardrobe.

1. Static Cling: Uhhhh, I hate when this happens. Try putting a little lotion on the part of your body where you are experiencing the static cling and's gone.

2. Deodorant Stain: How many times have you been running late for an appointment, meeting or date trying to find the perfect thing to wear? Then when you finally do, you notice there are deodorant marks on your outfit. Simply take a Gal Pal & wipe it gently with the grain of the fabric, buffing off the deodorant marks.

3. Exposed Bra Straps: Let's face it, we all get a little obsessive-compulsive about the little things that affect our appearance. For example, you are waiting in line for a cappuccino and notice the woman with the buff arms sporting a sexy tank... AND the unsightly bra straps. Hollywood Hook-Up saves the day! All you do is attach the handy hook-up clip to the straps at the back of your bra and you've just customized a razorback bra without the additional expense! Incidentally, Hollywood has an array of handy products including Hollywood Tape. It's an easy to you use, double-stick "do everything" apparel and body tape. You simply peel the backing from one side of he tape, and press the tape firmly to your skin or fabric, remove the other backing, and apply it to the item to be secured.

4. Boob Coverage: We all have sexy dresses/tops that require boob coverage, and a strapless bra is not always the solution. That's where NuBra can help! This is not just another backless and strapless bra but rather a special reusable, adhesive bra. NuBra is so soft and natural it adheres to your body and feels like a part of you. You can create different degrees of cleavage by positioning the bra cups closer or farther away without the worry of bra straps or side extensions. To apply, simply position NuBra on the desired area, press on and go. Use a little soap and water and they are clean and ready for the next use!

5. Red Wine Stain: How many times have you been a little loosy goosy with your wine glass and then bam instead of wine in your glass, you have wine on your shirt. Fear not, that unsightly splash doesn’t have to mean the end of your garment. The key is to act as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to remove wine from clothing. Dab the stain with cold water, it will loosen the stain. If you rub the stain, it’ll just grind it in deeper and wear out the fibers. Blot as much of the stain as you can until you’re at a place where you’ll be able to employ stronger methods. If there’s still a bit of the stain left, you have several options. Vinegar is great for helping to remove wine from fabric. Just as you did with water, blot the stain until you remove as much wine as possible. “Rinse” by blotting with cold water once again. Another trick is to chase the red wine with white wine. White wine neutralizes red wine. Hydrogen peroxide will remove wine as well. Keep in mind however, that it’s a bleaching agent. If you’re using it on colored fabric, test it first in a hidden area. You might want to dilute it in two parts water to be on the safe side. Lastly, you can try one part dish detergent to three parts water. Blot until the stain is lifted and launder as usual.

6. Oil Stain: So I was giving my eldest a massage after his shower the other day and while getting the oil out of the dispenser...oops, a couple drops landed on my top -- yikes! Here is what I did: Apply an absorbent such as talcum powder or cornstarch to the affected area, then brush away access. The thought is that the powder will absorb the oil. If the stain is heavy or old try to place the stain face down on paper towels. Blot back of stain with a dry-cleaning solvent. Replace paper towels as they soak up the stain. If the stain is fresh, then spray with laundry pretreatment and then wash in the hottest water that's safe for the garment.

7. Flower Pollen Stain: Ever accidentally rubbed against an Asian Lilly/Star Gazer. It leaves this yellowy orange powder that seems like it has permanently damaged your top. First, do not wet it. Brush off the access, then lay it out in direct sunlight (make sure that the fabric is ok to be in the sunlight to avoid damage). I can't explain what happens but the discoloration goes away!

8. Candle Wax Spill: Once I accidentally spilled hot wax all over my jeans. At first I panicked. But it's an easy fix. All you have to do is lay a towel over the wax and then apply a warm iron on top the towel. The wax loosens and adheres to the towel.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Silver is the New Gold

With the cost of gold continually on the rise, I'm revisiting an old love. Who knew something so familiar could satiate both our hunger for fashion and our desire to stay within a budget! My latest obsession is ila & i jewelry. Like me, you may already own a piece (several, in my case) of what this brother sister duo refers to as "naturally elegant" jewelry. Though they make beautiful pieces in both yellow and white gold, they have recently launched a line of equally eye catching pieces in silver...which by the way also incorporates diamonds. Currently I am in love with their collection of silver bangles. WOW... white diamonds, black diamonds and even emeralds. All of their jewelry is done with such a refined touch!

Now, you AND your pocket book look good!

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A "Red" Tie Affair

The highly anticipated 81st Oscars are tonight. I'm not sure what the weather is where you are, but it's a dreary wet day in the Bay Area. What a perfect night for tv, fashion and food -- lucky husband is cooking dinner! So I get to crawl on the couch (once the kiddies are in bed) and do my own personal commentary of what's hot and what's not. Truth be told, I just want to have an occasion to prance around in an evening gown. A designer couture one at that. Alas, Red Cross to the rescue. I know what you are thinking...what does saving the world have to do with bedazzling jewels and designer gowns? On Feb 28th, the Bay Area chapter of the Red Cross is hosting a fund raising gala at City Hall! Enjoy a night of sipping bubbly, dinner and an auction with amazing prizes all in the spirit of goodwill. I'll sip champagne to that!

It's not too late to attend! Dust of your high heels and get ready to paint the town red -- ha!!! It may not be the Oscars, and you may not be sitting next to Brad Pitt, but anyone who supports the Red Cross is superstar in my book!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Perfect Shape

There have been countless times I have coveted one of my girl friends' tops or dresses. Of course when I tried it on, the piece that I absolutely HAD TO HAVE...well, it looked terrible on me! Understanding our body shapes and how to dress that shape is the key to looking good. Sure it helps to have clothing that represents the latest fashion trends and designers, but it's how you wear it that really matters. Whatever your shape is, there is a way to "work it"! Read on...


Ahhhh, the pear (incidentally, that's me). I recommend skinny jeans, slim/tapered pants combined with a looser fitting top to balance your figure. Avoid over-embellishment on the hips in addition to pleated skirts and pleated pants -- they will add weight to your frame. Ideally you want to bring attention to your top half. A-line dresses and skirts are also great for your shape. A top that nips in at the waist will draw the eye to the center of the body. In my case, I have a little "belly" so I find that empire waist really helps take the pressure off the belly and bring the attention up. Darker colors on the bottom half will help to create balance as well. Try embellished necklines or other interesting cuts to bring attention to your face. Adding great accessories will draw the eye upwards.


In so many ways I find this to be the sexiest shape! Avoid clothing that hides your waist -- it'll just make you look larger. You want to wear clothing that fits your curves. Wearing things too tight or on then too loose will make you appear larger. You want to wear tailored clothing to highlight your shape. Pair a tailored jacket with a straight skirt or trousers or wear a dress with a defined waist like a wrap dress to show off your shape. Jackets that fit at the top of the hips make your torso appear longer. You can also wear a tailored top with a full skirt or pant. Avoid empire-waist dresses or blouses as they will add pounds.

Thick Waist

Avoid tight waistbands, large belts and the "tucked in" look if you're thick around the middle. You also want to avoid lots of pleats in pants and skirts in addition to cropped jackets as they will add attention to your waist. Your goal should be to draw the eye away from the waist to your face and legs, so don’t be afraid to show some skin. Dresses with empire waistlines are a good choice as well as A-line skirts. Long jackets and cardigans can slim you as well. Try wearing bootleg or flared pants/jeans which will balance your frame.

Boyish/lacking curves

This shape needs can add curves by focusing on your waist and embellishing your bust. Avoid dressing in monochromatic colors from head-to-toe unless you wear belts or clothing with embellishments to break the color therefore adding the illusion of curves. A wide belt defines the waist. Full skirts with box pleats or ruching will also add volume. By using fun details you can add dimension to your figure. Jeans/pants that have flap pockets can also help to add fullness to your bum.

Full Figure

Truthfully, a full figured woman may be "full" in different areas whether it be in the hips, bust etc. Please read other shape descriptions as they apply. In general, less is more! Don't overdress your frame. If there is too much fabric, you can add weight to your frame. Clean simple lines work best on your frame. Embrace your shape with tailored looks to accentuate your positives with clothing that glides over your curves. Put the emphasis on the areas you know are beautiful. V-neck line highlights a beautiful bust with out putting it out there. Dark colors from head-to-toe create a slim silhouette. Wrap tops hide your stomach, show off your waist line and gives focus to your bust.

Big Bust

Busy, large patterned tops or printed blouses may accentuate your bust. Ideally, you want to bring focus to your neck and elongate your torso. Choose clothes that highlight your curves with simple fabrics and patterns. V-necks and other open necklines will make your neck appear longer. Low-waisted jeans and pants add length to your torso. Try jeans with a flair bottom as they will provide balance to your shape. Wrap tops will accentuate your waist and separate your chest from your waist.

Small Bust

I suggest avoiding boxy, baggy tops. Basically, you want to do the opposite of what a woman with a big bust would do. Wear bold colors and prints as they will add dimension to your frame. Blouses with embellishment on the chest or empire waist tops can both add emphasis to your bust line. Layering is another strategy to add dimension to your frame.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

What the Frock?

These days time is a rare commodity. I would do anything to save an extra 5 minutes in my day. Coordinating an outfit is definitely a place where I can save time. How, you ask? A dress, of course! Think about it. You don't have to coordinate with a change of shoes, you can shift your look from day to night. Dresses aren't just for special occasion, they're for every occasion --they're something you can wear year round and are so versatile that layered with a cardigan or a turtleneck and boots, you can transform your summer dress into something completely appropriate for fall/winter.

My personal favorite are long dresses, though I feel like they get a bad rap. I find women seem to think that long dresses are too dressy and so they stay away from them. Of course they can be, but you can EASILY wear a long dress with flats or strappy sandals during the day. You look soft and beautiful and you don't even have to shave your legs! Whatever your frock of choice may be...a wrap dress, a shift dress, a long dress...just remember that you have a complete outfit in one step.

So next time you aren't sure what to wear...just ask yourself, "what the frock"?!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ok girls...we've all seen it. There is nothing worse than a great pair of pants that has been tragically ruined by a horrible panty line! I can't speak for you, but I do the panty check every time I leave the house. I bend over and walk in place just to see if that ugly panty line will emerge. I am by no means a "thong" person. Yeah I said it, I prefer bikini briefs or boyshorts. And yes, I feel just as sexy (underneath) as all the thong girls out there. But there is a happy medium -- HANKY PANKY to the rescue! I'm proud to say there are just as many hanky pankies as there are briefs in my lingerie drawer.

It's amazing how many women still come into iniam and have never heard of hanky panky! I feel compelled to share. I sold a pair last week to a first time user. She came in today to tell me I was right! She was shocked that she had never been introduced to them before. Hanky Panky is a one size fits all thong. The beauty of it is that the "thong" part is wide so it sits on your bum instead of in it. The lace is thin and it stretches so you don't feel like your underwear is cutting into you. We have all had thongs that cause muffin top (ok, maybe just me), but because hanky panky adjusts to your figure, it really is comfortable!

Viva la pant!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

These Pants are Made for Walkin'

If you girls are anything like me, then there are at least several pairs of heels in your closet. Moderately high, high, moderately high dressy, high get the picture. In my case, my heels are tucked away hoping and praying that my feet can withstand the torture long enough to shake the dust off. I love getting dressed up and wearing heels as much as the next girl, but these days with my schedule, I need flats to run around in. Plus it seems like the options for flats keeps getting better and better. Whether you are wearing a beautiful pair of flat sandals or jack purcell kicks (the juxtaposition of sneakers with a suit is a great look), you have to have pants that are hemmed at a length that allows you to wear those flats! It's great to have a clean look that does not need to be modified by rolling up or cuffing your pants. Plus there is nothing worse than your nice trousers dragging on the floor because your poor little feet needed a break.

Keep those long trousers for your gorgeous heels...but make sure you have a great pair of pants, jeans etc. that you can quickly throw on to meet your on the go lifestyle.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

I can sum up my guilty pleasures into the 3 S's...sweets, showers and shopping. If there was a way to combine all 3, I'd be in heaven! Today I woke up and headed straight to the Alameda Antique Fair for a rendezvous with some beautiful vintage pieces. For those of you who have never been to the fair, it's really a hidden jewel! And for those of you who have, I hope you were able to make it out today. It was a gorgeous day, and the deals were amazing. I always manage to find treasures to decorate my home and of course iniam, but today, there were so many things I had to have! The only thing better than shopping is buying what you love for a deal.

However, if your home is stocked (we've been in ours for 4 years and it's still a work in progress) and you are looking for a shopping indulgence...look no further. iniam has just marked all fall and holiday clothing to 60% off the original price. There are some really lovely pieces...Trina, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Gryphon, Hudson, Theory and so much more! For a fraction of the price, you can stock up on timeless pieces that you will look beautiful in, season after season.

And now to top off the day, I am finishing my last bite of Hagen Daaz banana split ice cream and heading off for a steamy shower. It's been a perfect day!