Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Favorite

Here's a look at my latest obsession. I'm in love with Lulu Frost, a line that includes beautiful, memorable, statement necklaces in addition to many, many other jaw dropping beauties. Lisa Salzer, the 26-year old mastermind behind these one of a kind pieces, combines antiques "including long-lost room numbers from the legendary Plaza Hotel, cut steel shoes buckles from the 1860's, forgotten keys, chandelier crystal, watch fobs, rare Victorian charms and other resurrected finds" which she combines with unexpected modern elements to create art that transcends time and trends.

I could go on but really the necklace says it all.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only Hearts

Good or bad, I wear my husband's pjs to bed. I feel like I can hear some of you shriek as you are reading this -- it's the truth. His PJs are VERY comfortable, but let's just say they are anything but fashionable. Though I am always on the search for stylish and cozy sleepwear, for one reason or the other I keep coming back to my tried and true...until now.

iniam has started carrying a small group of foundation wear that includes a variety of body shappers and products to help conceal, lift, and smooth your body. It's been a great addition to our clothing and accessories. What I was really hoping to do was also include some sleepwear and a smidgen of of lingerie without worrying about the 34-A, 34-B, 34-C. Next month we will receive the first of several shipments of beautiful and sexy sleepwear by Only Hearts. The fabrics are fantastic and the variety is equally as exciting. We are bringing in sexy negligees and beautiful nightgowns. Best of all, we are getting in pjs that would make any woman FEEL as lovely as she looked!

My husband is in for a treat. Buh-bye fuddy duddy, hello hot mama!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Tips

iniam recently received some fabulous new belts. We've got everything from skinny patent belts to studded waist belts that really glam up an outfit. I love accent belts but I hate it when the belt is too long. I have an easy and inexpensive fix. Try Zots by Therm O Web (125 zots for $3.59). They're clear adhesive dots intended for scrapbooking but are now also being used by stylists to keep belts from flopping around. Simply stick a zot on the underside of the floppy part of your belt and then press down to stay in place.

Monday, October 26, 2009

It was a good weekend. I enjoyed some wonderful family time and I also met with some college friends who I have not seen in at least (ahem)....10 years. Normally I would say time with friends and family would equal a great week-end, but Sunday ended with a messy house and two sore backs. We are getting the house painted tomorrow which means that my husband recruited me to join team "manual labor". It seems like my home is an on going project. First the bathroom, now paint, then some reupholstering and then possibly a kitchen remodel. I spent the better part of sunday trying to calm my screaming kids in between lifting the flat screen and pulling down wall art.

The highlight was crawling in bed with my laptop and shopping the net. I like to find and add things to my various wish lists so that if anyone, say my husband, wants to treat me for all my hardwork, say manual labor...then he'll know the right way to let me know I am appreciated. Of course there is so much to choose from! What I really want right now is a coat -- a camel colored coat at that. If it boiled down to one statement piece that I had to have, that would be the one. It's timeless, classy and coordinates with any silhouette in your closet. These days your coat can be your outfit so I feel it's justifiable to spend a little for the perfect one. The only problem is, I am coveting more than one -- decisions, decisions.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Michael Kors Coat
Milly Ruffled Darling Coat
JCrew Cashemere Station Coat
Burberry Prorsum Pleated Skirt Trenchcoat
Derek Lam Casheme Blended Cape

Ok this Burberry beauty is not camel colored but COME ON...yup, it's on the wishlist.

Honey, hope you are paying attention?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Booties Aren't Just for Babies

I really love booties. I don't own a pair. But I want a pair and I actually have clothing that will show them off! My hesitation thus far has been the heel height. The ones I love are quite high and so I find myself gravitating to yet another pair of flats. I keep thinking I can pull off hours standing on skinny little heels, but who am I kidding? Ok, so maybe I can't wear them all day but I can wear them to dinner with my husband or girls night out?

I did find a fun pair of Pedro Garcia booties that seem to have a thicker heel and perhaps might offer some more support. I am the queen of internet shopping so I haven't tried them on yet but they "look" promising and they are available in my size.

On the not so comfortable side and perhaps a style that makes no sense, I find myself yearning for booties with a peep toe. I realize that a peep toe goes against the very purpose of a boot, but mentally I have categorized peep toe booties in a "heel/pump" group-- I have no qualms with the style. In fact, I have gone as far as falling in love with a few pairs. In the end, it's the heel height that gets me.

Booties are a great compliment to a pair of leggings, skinny pants or even a dress and a pair of textured tights -- all of which I have in my wardrobe. I guess the only question now is: How many booties do I need?

I love fall!

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Favorite Outfit

As you know, I'm always on the quest for a great casual outfit -- something that can go from day to night, doesn't require ironing or prep time, and looks great with flats or heels. Of course I'm not about to share anything life changing - the following are all pieces you've seen over and over.

My go to out fit includes the AG premiere -- a skinny straight jean with an 8 inch rise jean that is great for a little belly support, a solid color tshirt or blouse of your choice and for the finishing touch, a long boyfriend blazer. I've tried on several jackets. Most jackets I looked at were going to cost me $500 or more. There are some beautiful options out there. Silk, cotton, wool, dressy, casual...all of them great and open for your personal interpretation. I love JCrew's version. It fits beautifully and is priced at $215. Not bad if you ask me.

First and foremost, the look is slimming. Cuff your jeans, throw on some flats and you are ready to tackle the day. Or...add heels and your ready for dinner with the girls or the date of your choice.

If you really want to make the look shine, add a long layered necklace --mixed metal chains intertwined with a little bling is the way to go. Even mixed pearls will add some va va voom. Add a cocktail ring and a clutch and you'll leave them wondering what you will be wearing tomorrow.

Friday, October 16, 2009


It's bad enough that flu season is approaching and we are worrying about someone breathing or sneezing on us for fear of ending up sick. Who would have thought that your purse may make you sick? Check out this article from Good Morning America....ewwwww!

On the bright side, iniam has purse hangers that you can attach to your table so that your handbag never touches the ground again.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Perfect Dress

I'm still building a wardrobe that fits my lifestyle. My figure and my daily routine has changed since the birth of my little guys. I'm relentless for scouring the internet and my favorite stores for pieces that not only look good now but will transcend time. I'm not one to buy a lot of smaller priced items but rather I spend more on single purchase that I will keep in my clothing rotation for seasons and beyond. Now if one of those purchases was also able to camaflouge my "problem areas" well then it's like I've hit the fashion jackpot!

Puh-lease look past the horrid gold tights and try and focus on this BCBG Runway dress even though shamefully, the picture really doesn't do the dress justice. The rich black silk is complimented by beautiful draping and a figure flattering fit. The bodice is fitted while the pleated fabric fall at just the right place giving a sophisticated and sexy look while masking the tummy, hips and bum. The neckline is plunging and the back is bare. The dress looks good on both petite or large frames. Honestly, it's the perfect dress, and just in time for the holidays.

We have a couple left at dont' want to miss it!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tips

While I was in NYC, I was perusing the vast multitude of booths when I was suddenly mesmerized by the twinkling jewels in the Cynthia Rowley collection. With all do respect, the line looked ok on its own, but with the jewels, well let's just say "Ok" never looked so good. The dresses, skirts and suit lapels were all adorned with a cluster of different sparkling broaches. The clothing itself was clean and simple but the broaches took each piece to a whole new level. What an inexpensive and creative way to really play up your ensemble. Try clustering 3 or 4 broaches at time for a real statement look.

One of my favorite uses for a broach is to pin it on a necklace. I love multi-layered pearls, particularly when mixed with different styles and lengths of chains. Top the necklace off with one or more broaches to add the finishing touch.

I've been sourcing a variety of broaches for iniam -- hopefully we should have some in over the next couple of weeks!

Friday, October 9, 2009


Imagine the mind shattering excitement when I knew that iniam would not only be the the new home to Red by Valentino it will ALSO be the new home to Rachel Roy Signature!! Many of you know that we carried Rachel Roy's beautiful collection when we first opened. The line was gorgeous when it first debuted, and if possible, has become more and more beautiful with the passing of each season.

As Rachel's line evolved, it became quite expensive -- until now. This spring will mark another debut for Rachel Roy as she launches Signature, a bridge line that embodies all the characteristics you love about Rachel Roy's clothing, BUT at a price point that is much more affordable. The collection will range in price from $185 to $670.

Signature's Spring 2010 collection includes the entire gamut of silhouettes. The line includes suiting, dresses, coats, jackets and blouses -- all of which can take a woman from day to night, and the from office to a cocktail party. " The simple, sexy silhouettes in bright colors made us lust for that air of sophistication that is completely alluring and not at all stuffy..She understands exactly what women want, across boundaries like age, occupation, and income."

The collection is truly amazing and I am so looking forward to adding these special pieces to my closet and hopefully to yours!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Taking the Day Off

Taking the day off today. Be back soon!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh Lanvin

I know it's Monday and there's quite a bit to discuss this week, but I thought I'd start with something inspirational. I saw this handbag at Barney's a few weeks back. It just arrived when I first saw it. I like to tell myself I was one of the first to fall in love with it. WOW, what a beautiful bag. Sweet and edgy all in one. The metallic fabric is unlike anything I've seen as of late. Aside from being a bit heavy, it's perfection.

I've been in love with Lanvin for so long now (as well as Marni and closet, as small as it is, has room for everyone), but this year, it seems that every time I fall in love with a handbag, it's Lanvin. Whatever you are wearing, this handbag IS your outfit!

Friday, October 2, 2009

iniam is "SEW" Much Better!

Iniam is excited and honored to be the new home to Wendy Lo of "Sew Much Better"! Starting October 1st, iniam will have an in-house tailor for your convenience! Wendy has provided impeccable service and precise tailoring for over 29 years. Now those years of expertise, talent and dedication will be a permanent addition to iniam and the iniam family.

On October 2nd - 4th, iniam will offer 15% off all denim to celebrate the fantastic news. Imagine buying your favorite jeans and then stepping into the back for onsite tailoring. As an added BONUS, Wendy will also offer 15% off the cost of hemming any denim purchased at iniam on Oct 2-4!

This is one of MANY exciting things happening at iniam...

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Breast Cancer Awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I wanted to take a moment to embrace and support those that are fighting this disease, applaud the survivors and grieve for those who have lost their lives during their battle.

I'd like to remind all of us how important it is to visit our doctors for our yearly exams in addition to continually performing self-exams. I did the Susan G. Komen 3 day, 60 mile breast cancer walk a few years back. The biggest thing I took away from that experience is that this ugly disease can affect ANY woman at ANY time, with no history of it in her family. Women who exercise, eat healthy, live and love life to the fullest have become victims.

I'll be back to style and fashion tomorrow, but I felt remiss not to address something that has affected so many women.

Through the month of October, a portion of all sales made at iniam, will be donated to the Susan G. Komen Foundation.

I don't know anything more beautiful than good health!