Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Booties Aren't Just for Babies

I really love booties. I don't own a pair. But I want a pair and I actually have clothing that will show them off! My hesitation thus far has been the heel height. The ones I love are quite high and so I find myself gravitating to yet another pair of flats. I keep thinking I can pull off hours standing on skinny little heels, but who am I kidding? Ok, so maybe I can't wear them all day but I can wear them to dinner with my husband or girls night out?

I did find a fun pair of Pedro Garcia booties that seem to have a thicker heel and perhaps might offer some more support. I am the queen of internet shopping so I haven't tried them on yet but they "look" promising and they are available in my size.

On the not so comfortable side and perhaps a style that makes no sense, I find myself yearning for booties with a peep toe. I realize that a peep toe goes against the very purpose of a boot, but mentally I have categorized peep toe booties in a "heel/pump" group-- I have no qualms with the style. In fact, I have gone as far as falling in love with a few pairs. In the end, it's the heel height that gets me.

Booties are a great compliment to a pair of leggings, skinny pants or even a dress and a pair of textured tights -- all of which I have in my wardrobe. I guess the only question now is: How many booties do I need?

I love fall!

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