Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only Hearts

Good or bad, I wear my husband's pjs to bed. I feel like I can hear some of you shriek as you are reading this -- it's the truth. His PJs are VERY comfortable, but let's just say they are anything but fashionable. Though I am always on the search for stylish and cozy sleepwear, for one reason or the other I keep coming back to my tried and true...until now.

iniam has started carrying a small group of foundation wear that includes a variety of body shappers and products to help conceal, lift, and smooth your body. It's been a great addition to our clothing and accessories. What I was really hoping to do was also include some sleepwear and a smidgen of of lingerie without worrying about the 34-A, 34-B, 34-C. Next month we will receive the first of several shipments of beautiful and sexy sleepwear by Only Hearts. The fabrics are fantastic and the variety is equally as exciting. We are bringing in sexy negligees and beautiful nightgowns. Best of all, we are getting in pjs that would make any woman FEEL as lovely as she looked!

My husband is in for a treat. Buh-bye fuddy duddy, hello hot mama!

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