Thursday, June 26, 2008

For cool summer nights...and even colder fall days

At last! Cashmere and silk scarves for the summer AND winter...we just received a flurry of these soft, wide, and wafter thin scarves - but trust me, they are not your typical pashmina. Our scarves are indigenous to College Avenue in Oakland; pashmina's are found in the high altitudes of the Himalaya's. So you don't have to go far for comfort or warmth. Warmth, you say? In the middle of summer? Again, even if you are in the Central Valley, nights tend to cool off and these throws are perfect for swaddling around your neck (or your naked baby) or throwing over your shoulders as you toss back another mojito. Good over tees or tea party dresses, we just can't get enough. Comes in charcoal gray, grass green, deep teal blue, black, offwhite, burnt orange, pink (shown), and peacock blue.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One for you and one for me

We can't seem to keep the new Jennifer Tuton initial necklaces in store! The tiny gold filled disc is hand stamped (in my vernacular - 'tunked') with any letter of the alphabet and hangs in that perfect necklace spot (for lack of better anatomical reference - below the jugular and above the cleavage). These are apparently appropriate for any occasion according to our customers-birthdays, graduations, friendship, anniversaries, and are great gifts for your daughter, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, girlfriend, wife, yourself, your mistress, effeminate son, small dog, etc...

At $62, you will not only be fashionable, you will be smart - they are a simple statement for a fraction of the cost of a Henry Cuir bag. On the chain closure, Tuton embellishes them with a small stone of varying colors and shapes - always a surprise, but always lovely. Special orders are welcome with no extra shipping charges, as Ms. Tuton is a local and is quick to replenish our supply. Call us or stop by to see what's available (they are usually right on the counter). You won't walk away empty handed or naked necked, I guarantee.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Bike, don't drive

At iniam, we are usually not making loud political statements, and we don't intend to start, however, with gas prices creeping up, we are thinking that bicycling is probably the way to go lately. Not only do you save gas money, but you also save dollars on those pesky meters lining College Avenue. What a pain when you want to be donning all the new Marc by Marc Jacobs tops or dipping into the bowl of Jane Tran hair accessories at iniam. Lucky that just down the street, at Hank and Frank's bicycle shop, you can swing by and pick up the new Amsterdam bike: a real street cruiser built made for whizzing past all the traffic on College Ave. No time to go there? We just happen to have one at the store for you to admire.

Friday, June 13, 2008

MJ on the Way!

Slowly but surely we are just starting to receive our newest line, Marc by Marc Jacobs...and of course the owner of iniam was careful to select the best fitting items for the store. As a matter of fact, this shirt modeled by our very own Gina, is almost gone already!

Though it's coming in dribs and drabs, by the end of June, we'll have a good selection, by July we will start getting in early Fall goodies, and by August, we will be deep into the collection. Keep your eyes peeled or sign up for our email list at for upcoming Marc by Marc Jacobs specials!

ADDENDUM: Today the very cutest pima cotton MJ shirts arrived in blue and white just in time for the weekend. The round collar is femmy and pretty and just the right touch for your everyday t-shirt.

We also got a replenishment of Jane Tran bobby pins, hair clips, and headbands to jazz up your windblown or sun-tampered locks.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


There exists a heap of talent among our customers, friends, employees, neighbors, and colleagues and once in awhile, we'd like to share their celebrations, openings, readings, etc. with you!

Recently we discovered Ana Labastida, an amazingly talented artist who stopped by the store one day seeking a dress to wear to her first show. After June 21st, some of her work will be shown (and for sale) at LOLA, a new home and accessories store, part gallery, in Berkeley on College Avenue. Ana's mixed media is tactile, beautiful, and ethereal, as is she! And best of all, at her opening she can be found in a Cynthia Steffe long pink dress! Good luck Ana!!!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Few Words on Simplicity

Occasionally simplicity rues the day; insomuch as the beauty of a thing is sometimes found in an unassuming detail, a humble color, or a modest inclination. Look no further than this James Perse white tee. It came out of the box yesterday and is probably the loveliest thing I've set my retailed little hands on in awhile. There's no trick, no fancy tuck or hem, nothing really to detract from the elegant essence of a well-made white shirt.