Wednesday, June 25, 2008

One for you and one for me

We can't seem to keep the new Jennifer Tuton initial necklaces in store! The tiny gold filled disc is hand stamped (in my vernacular - 'tunked') with any letter of the alphabet and hangs in that perfect necklace spot (for lack of better anatomical reference - below the jugular and above the cleavage). These are apparently appropriate for any occasion according to our customers-birthdays, graduations, friendship, anniversaries, and are great gifts for your daughter, mother, sister, aunt, grandmother, girlfriend, wife, yourself, your mistress, effeminate son, small dog, etc...

At $62, you will not only be fashionable, you will be smart - they are a simple statement for a fraction of the cost of a Henry Cuir bag. On the chain closure, Tuton embellishes them with a small stone of varying colors and shapes - always a surprise, but always lovely. Special orders are welcome with no extra shipping charges, as Ms. Tuton is a local and is quick to replenish our supply. Call us or stop by to see what's available (they are usually right on the counter). You won't walk away empty handed or naked necked, I guarantee.

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