Monday, January 25, 2010

Taking a Break

There are a lot of interesting things brewing at iniam -- I've got my hands in a lot of cookie jars, and I'm taking a little break from blogging to focus on these big and exciting projects.

I'll be back...

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

New Role for SJP

First the Olsens, then Mrs. Beckham (did anyone see her on American Idol? What the heck was up with her hair?), and now SJP.

From the design atelier to executive suites, celebrities are joining the ranks of some of the most coveted designers in the business.

The latest is Sarah Jessica Parker. The “Sex and the City” star is joining Halston as president and chief creative officer, the company confirmed to WWD.

"As part of the arrangement, the actress will own an equity stake in the firm, joining a group that includes investors Harvey Weinstein and Tamara Mellon of Jimmy Choo. She will also have a seat on the Halston board alongside Weinstein and chief executive officer Bonnie Takhar. The unique arrangement will give her an integral role in shaping the strategic direction of the iconic brand — and could change the way celebrities look at future fashion deals."

Halston + SJP = WINNER!

Monday, January 18, 2010

50% Off All Fall and Holiday

Enjoy 50% off all fall and holiday wear. It's a deal you don't wan to miss!

As if that wasn't exciting enough...I found a great pair of shoes, AND they're on sale (I love the nude color -- I say pass on the other colors). Heel height is not too bad and though they may seem conservative, if you pair them with skinny jeans and and the top or boyfriend jacket of your choice, well you can throw conservative out of the window.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Giving Top

There aren't enough words to describe how beautiful this BCBG Runway blouse is. Even the picture doesn't do it justice. I have seen it first hand -- I have even tried it on, and I can truthfully say it's the top that just keeps on giving. The sheer fabric allows you to layer it over a simple tank, a strapless dress or a sexy bra if you are able to rock that look (I opted for the simple tank). The top itself is a wrap top allowing you to adjust the size. My favorite part is that I can tie the top in a way that looks as if it has an empire waistline which takes the pressure of my belly. Of course you can tie it at your natural waistline for those of you with rock star abs. Pair it with trousers, skinny jeans or a pencil skirt to fit your mood and occassion. The flowers are stunning and soft and not at all over bearing.

The top is lovely in white, but I opted to buy it in black for iniam. You've got to come in and check it won't be available for long!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I Am What I Am

I bought a great dress the other day. It was on sale, then on sale, and then on sale. Sounds like it was something that should have been thrown out, but honestly it's a great dress -- fantastic drape, comfortable fabric, slimming fit and exposed zippers on the sleeves to give the dress a little edge. Honestly, it's perfect. I would show you a picture or share a link but as I said it was on clearance -- there is no evidence of it. So then why waste your time talking about? The dress has a "but". The dress is short. In fact, it's About 4 to 5 inches above my knee. And since I am all leg, I find myself walking a tight rope between hip and hooker chic.

Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but at the end of the day the dress is shorter than what I am comfortable with. I'm a little conservative but I also have "see through," pasty white legs. Worst of all, the hereditary varicose veins are starting to rear their ugly heads. Typically I just stay away from short dresses, or I buy them in the winter when I can cover up my veins with a great pair of tights.

I meet so many women that just aren't happy with a particular part of their body. I hear it all: "my arms are too fat," my "butt is too big," my thighs are chunky," "my boobs are too busty"...the list goes on. The irony is that when I look at these women and there "problem areas", I can objectively say that those "areas" don't look bad at all! In fact, they look great and should be show to the world. We all have our issues but should those issues really rule what we can or can not wear. Why should we prisoners to our figures. Instead, we should embrace what we have and enjoy what the world of fashion has given us. My legs aren't one big vein...sure the coloring could be darker and more even, but should I turn my back on short dresses forever?

We have to accept that we are what we are. And truthfully, what we are is beautiful. We come in all sizes and shapes for a reason. Feel empowered by your body and what you have been blessed with.

The moral of the story is: I am keeping the short black dress.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Guess What?

So I'm not back to real writing until wed, but I had to share some exciting news. Guess who is getting Elizabeth and James shoes? Yup, iniam is the new home to EJ shoes starting April 2010! Oooh, there are soooo many more goodies on the way! More news to come....

Be back Tomorrow -- I Promise!

I've been back home in Texas for my brother's big engagement party. Lot's of food, friends, and family! I'll be back on for fashion reporting wednesday. The holidays are over and for the time being, so are all the pre-wedding festivities -- talk to you gals soon!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Is Everything In?

I still run the heater at night, and I wear my knee high frye boots nearly every day. Now that december is in the past I feel over joyed knowing I am a step closer to silk, chiffon, linen in all the beautiful shades and silhouettes that spring has to offer.

Now that we are embarking on a new season, there are plenty of trends to acclimate to. Trends are ever changing - they have to really. If they stayed the same, there wouldn't be anything for us to buy when new seasons rolled in. Designers hold on to some trends because they are just too fabulous to let go of, but also don't hesitate to kick out other trends just as we are getting used to them. In some cases, the quick turnover methodology works -- I just couldn't get behind the "cage boot". As I search for looks I love and want to incorporate into my wardrobe, I find myself confused. Is everything in?

The more I read and research it seems like everything is in for Spring? Let's see: floral is in, blush tones are in, sherbert tones are in, mix prints are in, denim is in (was it ever out) and so are lace, ruffles, pleating and even military motifs. The most "in" thing is mixing all these styles. For example, don't be afraid to pair your army jacket with a ruffled blouse. Or try a chambray shirt with a glittery gold skirt. Mixing prints, fabrics and price points are right on with the season's trends. Everyone from Rachel Roy to BCBG is doing a "mixed media" dresses that combines different prints and fabrics. Sounds like a fashion nightmare but really it's divine.

There are a lot of choices this spring -- something for everyone!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year ladies! I hope your holidays were as fantastic as mine! I spent several quiet days with my husband and kids. It was a much needed break to reconnect and re-energize. Truth be told, I am glad that we have officially put a tumultuous 2009 in the past. For the first time, as I embark on a new year, I feel giddy excitement about what's to unfold. I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions, but I have committed to bringing in new categories and new designers that will undoubtedly give iniam's customers a shopping experience that meets all of her needs. Iniam is evolving and moving in the direction of becoming a lifestyle boutique -- a place you where you can spoil yourself, treat a loved one, gift a relative, tailor a ball gown, or decorate your home. Best of all, it's a one stop shop. We are embarking on year 5. We just renewed our lease -- we are here to stay and most importantly we are here to give you the best service, product and sense of community a boutique can offer.

Cheers to 2010 and all the fashionable things to be relished. May this year be your best year thus far. I'm sending out positive energy and vibes for growth, success, happiness and love for all of you!

Tomorrow we get back to the nitty gritty...I have fun finds to share!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Be Back Tomorrow

I'll officially be back Tues the 5th!