Thursday, August 28, 2008

Enchanted? By All Means.

For literati set who also happen to be obsessed with fashion, grab yourself this newest edition of the New Yorker, where the entire mag is devoted to style; and none other than Marc Jacobs is featured in the wonderful profile, "Enchanted; The transformation of Marc Jacobs" by Ariel Levy.

Read how Jacobs, despite being snarked by fashion critic Suzy Menkes, (among others) for his runway antics, he has parlayed his personality into his product and the two have become inseparable. Jacobs's cheeky renditions of contemporary fashion have made him a force in the industry and he is one of the most watched designers this side of the Atlantic. He injects and reflects American culture into everything he creates; provocative, but wearable, and cool without being aristocratic, his designs mirror America and Americans both on and off the runway.

iniam is deep into Marc by Marc Jacobs and the fun began in June and continues throughout upcoming chilly October evenings. Look for a flurry of flirty dresses, luxe sweaters, lively and colorful silk tops, well-fitted pants, and a bevy of fall and winter coats. Oh, and look for them at iniam.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Pre-Fall SALE August 14-16

Due to an overabundance of cute things in the store, we decided to share the wealth and offer all Marc by Marc Jacobs clothing 20% off from Thursday August 14-Saturday August 17th. It's all new stuff too: coats (both cotton and wool), adorable silk tops with polka dots or a riot of color, gray flannel pants, khaki trousers with a thin pinstripe, cotton/silk blouses, and more. Plus, with your MJ purchase, you get some schwag: a canvas tote or a purse-sized mirror!

(Noted in Diablo.)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Another Obsession

Lately I've had a lot of obsessions in the store; not sure if it is the jewel colored tops, the svelte coats, the cozy cashmere sweaters, or just the smell of new clothes, but I do know one thing, I can't stop thinking about this VEST by A Common Thread.

A Common Thread, as you may know, is the little sister collection from Rozae Nichols. When I say little sister, I don't mean the clothing is for your little sister, it's just something your little sister could likely afford. Anyway, back to the vest. This vest makes everything I wear just that much cuter. It's progressive but classic, sexy and assertive, and despite it looking mousebrown in this photo, it is a gorgeous loden green soft wool with a delicate silk back. Looks great over a sparkly dress, no?
Wear it with a tank top, a t-shirt, a sweater...I cannot think of anything it wouldn't look good with, except maybe another vest.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Why Not?

Who needs a black or beige coat when you can have this one from Marc by Marc Jacobs? The coat is well-tailored and made of a ever-so-slightly ridged cotton and lined with purple silk, so every time you put it on, you have to smile. It's got some heft to it, so it will work with these chilly nights of late, as well as chillier nights to come. It's a great length too; long enough to feel dressy but short enough to not get caught in your bicycle tires or your car door. Red. It's the new black.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What to Think About When You Think About Clothes

Today's obsession? This Trina Turk dress!

Unwrinkleable fabric, with that fabulously flattering neckline, in black and charcoal gray, with a 3/4 sleeve that is slightly belled, what's not to love? Did I mention that the fabric doesn't wrinkle? The necklace closure is a matte silver metal with a small chain. And of course, Trina Turk's clothing has a great fit for many body types. Wear it with electric blue tights (or not!), or with boots, pants, or flats...the versatility is inspiring.

Can't make it to the store, just call and ask for it by name: The Babylon dress by Trina Turk.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NEW AT INIAM: A Common Thread

New to iniam is A Common Thread, a little sister line to Rozae Nichols. A Common Thread's clothing offers a little elegance and a smidgen of whimsy rolled into's fashion forward without being forward. The dress (see photo - dress on left) is in red, pink, and orange silk, which may sound a tad rioutous, but the colors somehow are soothing. For everyone that walks into the store - it is the first thing they touch.

The ivory silk pintucked and pleated blouse is adorable and comfortable and looks great with the loden colored wool and silk vest. The vest, which I've tried on at least a dozen times, also looks great slung over a t-shirt, a think sweater, or the sleeveless dress I am wearing today. It cutifies (Gina's word, not mine) everything it touches. They also sent us a succulent sleeveless top in stretch silk, not unlike the colors and pattern on the dress in the right of this photo. The early bird gets the worm on these...I've already sold one dress...