Tuesday, August 5, 2008

NEW AT INIAM: A Common Thread

New to iniam is A Common Thread, a little sister line to Rozae Nichols. A Common Thread's clothing offers a little elegance and a smidgen of whimsy rolled into one...it's fashion forward without being forward. The dress (see photo - dress on left) is in red, pink, and orange silk, which may sound a tad rioutous, but the colors somehow are soothing. For everyone that walks into the store - it is the first thing they touch.

The ivory silk pintucked and pleated blouse is adorable and comfortable and looks great with the loden colored wool and silk vest. The vest, which I've tried on at least a dozen times, also looks great slung over a t-shirt, a think sweater, or the sleeveless dress I am wearing today. It cutifies (Gina's word, not mine) everything it touches. They also sent us a succulent sleeveless top in stretch silk, not unlike the colors and pattern on the dress in the right of this photo. The early bird gets the worm on these...I've already sold one dress...

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