Monday, October 26, 2009

It was a good weekend. I enjoyed some wonderful family time and I also met with some college friends who I have not seen in at least (ahem)....10 years. Normally I would say time with friends and family would equal a great week-end, but Sunday ended with a messy house and two sore backs. We are getting the house painted tomorrow which means that my husband recruited me to join team "manual labor". It seems like my home is an on going project. First the bathroom, now paint, then some reupholstering and then possibly a kitchen remodel. I spent the better part of sunday trying to calm my screaming kids in between lifting the flat screen and pulling down wall art.

The highlight was crawling in bed with my laptop and shopping the net. I like to find and add things to my various wish lists so that if anyone, say my husband, wants to treat me for all my hardwork, say manual labor...then he'll know the right way to let me know I am appreciated. Of course there is so much to choose from! What I really want right now is a coat -- a camel colored coat at that. If it boiled down to one statement piece that I had to have, that would be the one. It's timeless, classy and coordinates with any silhouette in your closet. These days your coat can be your outfit so I feel it's justifiable to spend a little for the perfect one. The only problem is, I am coveting more than one -- decisions, decisions.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Michael Kors Coat
Milly Ruffled Darling Coat
JCrew Cashemere Station Coat
Burberry Prorsum Pleated Skirt Trenchcoat
Derek Lam Casheme Blended Cape

Ok this Burberry beauty is not camel colored but COME ON...yup, it's on the wishlist.

Honey, hope you are paying attention?

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