Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tuesday Tips

While I was in NYC, I was perusing the vast multitude of booths when I was suddenly mesmerized by the twinkling jewels in the Cynthia Rowley collection. With all do respect, the line looked ok on its own, but with the jewels, well let's just say "Ok" never looked so good. The dresses, skirts and suit lapels were all adorned with a cluster of different sparkling broaches. The clothing itself was clean and simple but the broaches took each piece to a whole new level. What an inexpensive and creative way to really play up your ensemble. Try clustering 3 or 4 broaches at time for a real statement look.

One of my favorite uses for a broach is to pin it on a necklace. I love multi-layered pearls, particularly when mixed with different styles and lengths of chains. Top the necklace off with one or more broaches to add the finishing touch.

I've been sourcing a variety of broaches for iniam -- hopefully we should have some in over the next couple of weeks!

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