Friday, October 9, 2009


Imagine the mind shattering excitement when I knew that iniam would not only be the the new home to Red by Valentino it will ALSO be the new home to Rachel Roy Signature!! Many of you know that we carried Rachel Roy's beautiful collection when we first opened. The line was gorgeous when it first debuted, and if possible, has become more and more beautiful with the passing of each season.

As Rachel's line evolved, it became quite expensive -- until now. This spring will mark another debut for Rachel Roy as she launches Signature, a bridge line that embodies all the characteristics you love about Rachel Roy's clothing, BUT at a price point that is much more affordable. The collection will range in price from $185 to $670.

Signature's Spring 2010 collection includes the entire gamut of silhouettes. The line includes suiting, dresses, coats, jackets and blouses -- all of which can take a woman from day to night, and the from office to a cocktail party. " The simple, sexy silhouettes in bright colors made us lust for that air of sophistication that is completely alluring and not at all stuffy..She understands exactly what women want, across boundaries like age, occupation, and income."

The collection is truly amazing and I am so looking forward to adding these special pieces to my closet and hopefully to yours!

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