Thursday, February 5, 2009

These Pants are Made for Walkin'

If you girls are anything like me, then there are at least several pairs of heels in your closet. Moderately high, high, moderately high dressy, high get the picture. In my case, my heels are tucked away hoping and praying that my feet can withstand the torture long enough to shake the dust off. I love getting dressed up and wearing heels as much as the next girl, but these days with my schedule, I need flats to run around in. Plus it seems like the options for flats keeps getting better and better. Whether you are wearing a beautiful pair of flat sandals or jack purcell kicks (the juxtaposition of sneakers with a suit is a great look), you have to have pants that are hemmed at a length that allows you to wear those flats! It's great to have a clean look that does not need to be modified by rolling up or cuffing your pants. Plus there is nothing worse than your nice trousers dragging on the floor because your poor little feet needed a break.

Keep those long trousers for your gorgeous heels...but make sure you have a great pair of pants, jeans etc. that you can quickly throw on to meet your on the go lifestyle.

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