Saturday, February 14, 2009


Ok girls...we've all seen it. There is nothing worse than a great pair of pants that has been tragically ruined by a horrible panty line! I can't speak for you, but I do the panty check every time I leave the house. I bend over and walk in place just to see if that ugly panty line will emerge. I am by no means a "thong" person. Yeah I said it, I prefer bikini briefs or boyshorts. And yes, I feel just as sexy (underneath) as all the thong girls out there. But there is a happy medium -- HANKY PANKY to the rescue! I'm proud to say there are just as many hanky pankies as there are briefs in my lingerie drawer.

It's amazing how many women still come into iniam and have never heard of hanky panky! I feel compelled to share. I sold a pair last week to a first time user. She came in today to tell me I was right! She was shocked that she had never been introduced to them before. Hanky Panky is a one size fits all thong. The beauty of it is that the "thong" part is wide so it sits on your bum instead of in it. The lace is thin and it stretches so you don't feel like your underwear is cutting into you. We have all had thongs that cause muffin top (ok, maybe just me), but because hanky panky adjusts to your figure, it really is comfortable!

Viva la pant!

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