Sunday, February 15, 2009

What the Frock?

These days time is a rare commodity. I would do anything to save an extra 5 minutes in my day. Coordinating an outfit is definitely a place where I can save time. How, you ask? A dress, of course! Think about it. You don't have to coordinate with a change of shoes, you can shift your look from day to night. Dresses aren't just for special occasion, they're for every occasion --they're something you can wear year round and are so versatile that layered with a cardigan or a turtleneck and boots, you can transform your summer dress into something completely appropriate for fall/winter.

My personal favorite are long dresses, though I feel like they get a bad rap. I find women seem to think that long dresses are too dressy and so they stay away from them. Of course they can be, but you can EASILY wear a long dress with flats or strappy sandals during the day. You look soft and beautiful and you don't even have to shave your legs! Whatever your frock of choice may be...a wrap dress, a shift dress, a long dress...just remember that you have a complete outfit in one step.

So next time you aren't sure what to wear...just ask yourself, "what the frock"?!

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Kiva said...

Love this idea but need more help! What are some of the more versatile long dresses out there?