Sunday, February 22, 2009

A "Red" Tie Affair

The highly anticipated 81st Oscars are tonight. I'm not sure what the weather is where you are, but it's a dreary wet day in the Bay Area. What a perfect night for tv, fashion and food -- lucky husband is cooking dinner! So I get to crawl on the couch (once the kiddies are in bed) and do my own personal commentary of what's hot and what's not. Truth be told, I just want to have an occasion to prance around in an evening gown. A designer couture one at that. Alas, Red Cross to the rescue. I know what you are thinking...what does saving the world have to do with bedazzling jewels and designer gowns? On Feb 28th, the Bay Area chapter of the Red Cross is hosting a fund raising gala at City Hall! Enjoy a night of sipping bubbly, dinner and an auction with amazing prizes all in the spirit of goodwill. I'll sip champagne to that!

It's not too late to attend! Dust of your high heels and get ready to paint the town red -- ha!!! It may not be the Oscars, and you may not be sitting next to Brad Pitt, but anyone who supports the Red Cross is superstar in my book!

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