Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Perfect Shape

There have been countless times I have coveted one of my girl friends' tops or dresses. Of course when I tried it on, the piece that I absolutely HAD TO HAVE...well, it looked terrible on me! Understanding our body shapes and how to dress that shape is the key to looking good. Sure it helps to have clothing that represents the latest fashion trends and designers, but it's how you wear it that really matters. Whatever your shape is, there is a way to "work it"! Read on...


Ahhhh, the pear (incidentally, that's me). I recommend skinny jeans, slim/tapered pants combined with a looser fitting top to balance your figure. Avoid over-embellishment on the hips in addition to pleated skirts and pleated pants -- they will add weight to your frame. Ideally you want to bring attention to your top half. A-line dresses and skirts are also great for your shape. A top that nips in at the waist will draw the eye to the center of the body. In my case, I have a little "belly" so I find that empire waist really helps take the pressure off the belly and bring the attention up. Darker colors on the bottom half will help to create balance as well. Try embellished necklines or other interesting cuts to bring attention to your face. Adding great accessories will draw the eye upwards.


In so many ways I find this to be the sexiest shape! Avoid clothing that hides your waist -- it'll just make you look larger. You want to wear clothing that fits your curves. Wearing things too tight or on then too loose will make you appear larger. You want to wear tailored clothing to highlight your shape. Pair a tailored jacket with a straight skirt or trousers or wear a dress with a defined waist like a wrap dress to show off your shape. Jackets that fit at the top of the hips make your torso appear longer. You can also wear a tailored top with a full skirt or pant. Avoid empire-waist dresses or blouses as they will add pounds.

Thick Waist

Avoid tight waistbands, large belts and the "tucked in" look if you're thick around the middle. You also want to avoid lots of pleats in pants and skirts in addition to cropped jackets as they will add attention to your waist. Your goal should be to draw the eye away from the waist to your face and legs, so don’t be afraid to show some skin. Dresses with empire waistlines are a good choice as well as A-line skirts. Long jackets and cardigans can slim you as well. Try wearing bootleg or flared pants/jeans which will balance your frame.

Boyish/lacking curves

This shape needs can add curves by focusing on your waist and embellishing your bust. Avoid dressing in monochromatic colors from head-to-toe unless you wear belts or clothing with embellishments to break the color therefore adding the illusion of curves. A wide belt defines the waist. Full skirts with box pleats or ruching will also add volume. By using fun details you can add dimension to your figure. Jeans/pants that have flap pockets can also help to add fullness to your bum.

Full Figure

Truthfully, a full figured woman may be "full" in different areas whether it be in the hips, bust etc. Please read other shape descriptions as they apply. In general, less is more! Don't overdress your frame. If there is too much fabric, you can add weight to your frame. Clean simple lines work best on your frame. Embrace your shape with tailored looks to accentuate your positives with clothing that glides over your curves. Put the emphasis on the areas you know are beautiful. V-neck line highlights a beautiful bust with out putting it out there. Dark colors from head-to-toe create a slim silhouette. Wrap tops hide your stomach, show off your waist line and gives focus to your bust.

Big Bust

Busy, large patterned tops or printed blouses may accentuate your bust. Ideally, you want to bring focus to your neck and elongate your torso. Choose clothes that highlight your curves with simple fabrics and patterns. V-necks and other open necklines will make your neck appear longer. Low-waisted jeans and pants add length to your torso. Try jeans with a flair bottom as they will provide balance to your shape. Wrap tops will accentuate your waist and separate your chest from your waist.

Small Bust

I suggest avoiding boxy, baggy tops. Basically, you want to do the opposite of what a woman with a big bust would do. Wear bold colors and prints as they will add dimension to your frame. Blouses with embellishment on the chest or empire waist tops can both add emphasis to your bust line. Layering is another strategy to add dimension to your frame.


tani said...

This is really helpful! Would love some more images of the clothing items you suggest.

iniam said...

Hi Tani! Let me know what "shape" you are and I will try and find some pics to send you. Thanks for reading!