Monday, December 31, 2007

Linen in January

If you are going somewhere warm for your holiday this January, or are just tired of flipping through the sale racks full of black pants, black tops, and black dresses, then visit iniam this month as we start receiving new items for Spring and resort season (which is now, in case you didn't know). On the racks already are classy wide-legged white linen pants by Ya Ya (think Katharine Hepburn) paired with a pale gray merino wool belted sweater by BCBG (though it looks quite sweet sans belt). The sweater is thin enough to carry you through chilly nights in the summer but works for winter as a cover up for drafty rooms (such as in my house). Wish I had a photograph of it, but it's so new even BCBG doesn't have a photo yet! We also have some linen blouses and pants from our customers' perennial favorite, Theory. Pants are in a slate blue and blouses are button up white linen and pale beige linen.

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