Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Twinkle Twinkle Little Blouse

Wenlan Chia, the influence behind Twinkle, is known for her feminine yet contemporary designs and look no further than our most recent shipment! The yellow and blue baby doll silk blouse (see photo) is deceivingly fitted because it's made with some kind of stretch silk that fits superbly around the torso. The colors are fun without being silly and the style is contemporary without being too trendy. Also, what I deem the "butterfly blouse" (see photo) makes you look like, well, a butterfly (only in a good way). It's also made of silk. We also received a cozy comfy dress made of white cotton lightweight waffle weave with a bit of black trim...it's running a little big, but we like it that way. Looks good with denim or leggings or a slightly longer black cotton or linen slip.

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