Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bad Weather?

I almost turned the heat on
yesterday morning to rid my house of the chill, but living with an east coast yankee (my carmudgeonly husband, not a baseball player), I relinquished myself to putting on another layer of fleece and hovering near our Wedgewood stove. It's a luxury problem really, to be living here in the East Bay, where the temps fluctuate gently between 60-75 degrees, and a cold day is somewhere between 50-60. I used to live in Sweden near the coast where there was a constant headwind usually combined with some form of rain, where in the winter the sun sets early, before you have had a Swedish ficka. Fortunately, at iniam we've got a gaggle of coats arriving soon for the finicky days of late summer and early fall in the Bay area and one of our new lines is Gryphon. Gryphon, a premier maker of contemporary coats, is our new favorite here at the store. Three styles (see photos) are romantic, feverishly stylish, and all have an amazing fit. They are so gorgeous you may not even have to wear clothes (you can bet your pants I'll be wearing mine all the time- it's the FAUX fur-edged one).

As they say in Sweden, there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes.

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