Thursday, January 10, 2008

Birds of a Feather

Birds chirping and twittering outside my bedroom window in the early morn, always signals the slow but grateful arrival of Spring. And with Spring comes the casting out of black sweaters, wool tights, boots and wraps and
cashmere and all things wintery to make room new stuff, because honestly, by the time Spring has sprung, my wardrobe looks as drab as an old cot.

Fortunately, at iniam, a few new arrivals in the middle of January are making me feel uplifted, hopeful and yes, Spring-like.... particularly this new BCBG top with scores of birds gliding across the entire shirt, moving from southerly climes and hopefully north, to my closet (and yours).

(photo provided by BCBG)

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BethNouveau said...

this bcbg top is lovely