Thursday, January 24, 2008

Scent of a Woman

Our new Cote Bastide collection has succeeded of (no, actually exceeded) a well-loved but market-saturated bath and beauty product line we carried for years. Cote Bastide is produced in Provence and it is well-known for its luxurious products, elegant packaging, fresh scents and longevity ... what I mean by longevity is that you only need a plop of the bubble bath the size of a quarter to make you bathtime deluxe. iniam is carrying three fragrances: Amber, Linen, and Lilac.

Linen (Lin) oil is extracted from flax seed and naturally soothes irritated skin. This oil has been used as an emollient, an anti-inflammatory, and a healing agent. This oil has been known to create soft skin as well as alleviate skin conditions due to a dietary lack of omega-3! The scent is like clean laundry dried on the clothesline. You can purchase it in candles, bubble bath, body cream and body fragrance.

In the potpourri, candles, body cream, and body fragrances , we have Amber, which is a bit spicier and muskier than the Linen. Original amber oil was from ambergris, a substance produced by whales as a stomach counter-irritant! Today, it is still made with natural ingredients (sans whales) and its oriental amber, vanilla-based scent is a fragrance soothing to the body and mind. The potpourri is a natural resin (see photo) from the sap of the Acacia tree and is infused with this unique blend of fragrance.

Our final fragrance is Lilac which comes in candles, bubble bath, and body fragrance. The scent of Lilac have always been associated with the easing of resentments and forgiveness, great for alleviating stressful days…for us, it just smells lovely, like a Spring day.

(Photograph provided by importer, French Look)

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