Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Iris it were summer

The color purple (not the book) arrived today in a flourish of Beth Bowley purple iris colored dresses and tops. The lined linen dress (pictured here in red, but ours is purple) fits like a warm summer breeze, of which we could certainly use more of...why did the weather suddenly get cold?? Sigh.

We also received two silk strappy tops, one in purple with a braided sash and the other is a cami with purple and red poppies.

Today I am also putting out some Indian-inspired gold and silver jewelry by local designer Vrinda Bhalla; her gold leaf earrings with a tiny diamonds are lightweight and just the thing to tickle your fancy and your neck. We are also drooling over her gold covered boho beaded necklaces which are on red or blue thread.

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