Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wide and Thin

To be wide and thin seems like a contradiction in terms, but then again, maybe you have seen our new denim pants from Hudson. I snatched a pair as soon as they came in because the denim is so thin and swooshy and makes me feel tall and thin like Lauren Bacall even though I'm only 5'2". The very kicky super wide leg is the newest denim phase to be sure, but I think this particular pant will outlast the fad. For every short girl alive who doesn't think she'll look good in these, trust me, you will. As a matter of fact, we sold out of them the first week we had them and reordered them (they are here now). And if you are tall, fear not...you'll look more glamorous than you probably already are.

These super wide leg pants are fitted through the hip, giving me a shape instead of looking like a giant rectangle of denim. They look swell with heels or even cowboy boots (which I roamed around San Francisco in one day). I love the light fabric because once you start humping up those SF hills, lighter is better. Trust me. Oh, and the girl in the photo, that's not me.

(Photo provided by Hudson)

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