Monday, January 26, 2009

Is Anyone Out There?

Things have changed a bit recently. We have a new manager and a new blog writer. Sarah, the new manager, is as charming as she is helpful. As for the "new" blog writer...well, I wouldn't say I'm new, I'm just making my writing debut! I'm a novice at writing though I always have a ton to say. Whether it be tips on sleep training a 2 1/2 year old, suggestions on new restaurants to try (I just ate at I squared on college ave....again. WOW, it was great!), or how to give the illusion of LOOKING slimmer by pairing different silhouettes together... I definitely have thoughts to share. I'm excited to start this new journey. Advice and opinions are welcome along the way. Since we have taken a blog break, I'm worried that our loyal readers may think we have taken a permanent hiatus. I had to work up the nerve to write the first one, but now it's just pouring out! So come on and share.

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