Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Skim Lattes and Skinny Jeans

The other day I ordered a pizza and a skimmed latte. The waiter raised a disapproving eye...I know what she was thinking. Good luck saving calories on the "nonfat" latte while washing it down with cheesy carbs. She quickly realized I was on to her and then back pedaled by saying "you have nothing to worry about".

I'm in no way shape or form, skinny. Quite the contrary. But I find that when I throw on a tunic with a pair of skinny jeans...the "skinny" illusion is there! Sure exercising is the best thing to keep away those extra pounds -- but with 2 kids, I barely have time for a shower. I've just accumulated several tunics that have an A-line fit and then pair it back with a pair of flat pocket hudson jeans. Voila, I 'seem' thinner.

So, I'll continue to eat my pizza and wash it down with a skim latte. Skim lattes just aren't as filling as regular ones. The moral of the story is...if I drink a skim latte, I have room for dessert!

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