Monday, October 22, 2007

Out with the old, in with the new

Spent too much cash on last weekend's martinis? Not feeling the urge to splurge on a that new blouse you can't stop thinking about? The frugal (and oh so California environmentally friendly) solution is to recycle your fuddy duds, your "skinny" clothes, or the items in your closet with permanent creases because they have never been freed from their wire hanger. There are several consignment stores in Oakland and Berkeley which take such disenchanted clothes...This accomplishes two things 1) you earn money (obviously) to buy new clothes and 2) you organize your wardrobe.

Editing or organizing your wardrobe can be monumental, particularly if you have a troll-sized closet (like me) or just too many damn clothes. One method of harmonious closetry (is that a word?) is to hang like colors together. If you are in a hurry to get dressed, this can make for quick outfit-making. It will also highlight what is missing from your wardrobe (i.e. "gee whiz, I have twelve brown skirts and no shirts to match"). Or, you can go the other route if space is at a premium - categorize: bottoms grouped with bottoms, and tops with tops (and you can even sub-categorize by putting pants together, skirts together, etc.).

I wish it were that simple. Your closet reflects not only how large the space is, but how you think and how you put yourself together in the morning. Are you a grab and go? Are you a methodical nudge? Are you a clotheswhore? Do you keep everything in one place? What about your tights, underwear, sweaters, jackets, or scarves? Where are they? Sigh.

If you need help, iniam offers closet consultations where we come to your house and help you fill in the blanks, hone your personal style, and offer hands-on closet counseling.

(Wish it were my closet! Above photo by me).

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