Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little Black Dress

Even if you already own an LBD (Little Black Dress) certainly this is one item of clothing which quantity AND quality supercede one over the other. On Friday we received two versions of Cynthia Steffe's LBD. The first is sexy and elegant with cap-sleeves (for those with upper arm phobia) and a knee length sheer cut floral fabric (almost lacy) over a nude slip which makes it look see-through without it being see through. This dress has a fetching jewel neckline with jet black beads placed strategically below the sheer inset on the front of the dress, with a slight gathering at the chest to flatter most women. The few who have tried it on were surprised by it's flattery because on the hanger, frankly, it's not so thrilling. It's so new, I can't locate a photograph of it on Cynthia Steffe's Web page.

The other dress uses a similar fabric but the style is all ballerina. The sleeveless top is black and fitted, sort of like a bodice, and the bottom is a gathered skirt of the same sheer floral fabric over a nude slip. Quite romantic in fact. There are small black beads where top meets bottom. We tried it on with an Ila & I diamond and silk necklace and waited for our prince to come...however, it was just the UPS guy.

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