Friday, November 2, 2007

The Art of Fashion

The de Young museum's exhibit on the one and only Nan Kempner, arguably the best dressed San Franciscan native, bestows 75 of her ensembles on the public until only November 11th, so you'd better get there fast before it leaves for MOMA. Um, if someone ever encompassed the term "clotheswhore" it probably was Mrs. Kempner (though I say this lovingly, not disparagingly); her first couture piece, purchased from Yves Saint Laurent in 1958 (white satin dress with matching mink trimmed coat) was paid for by her mother, who orginally refused to buy it at the requested price......until Kempner shed some tears for the young designer who relinquished it to her for a more affordable price.

Since then, Kempner collected more haute couture than every Vogue magazine spread collectively. For 50 years (she died in July 2005) she scooped up the best from Yves Saint Laurent, Valentino, and Oscar de la Renta (among others) and maintained one of the most remarkable collections in the US. I know most of you are thinking about the size of her closet (well, I am anyway) and apparently the curator at the de Young was too, as he sifted through the stash.

Sigh. And I thought what's-her-name (Gaby, must husband just informed me - all husbands know Gaby) on Desperate Housewives had a nice closet. Anyway, for anyone interested in fashion, see this exhibit. Or better yet, start your own collection at iniam. One designer who started out about the same time as iniam almost three years ago is Phillip Lim; get him while he's still affordable.

p.s. Yesterday we received a new shipment of 3.1. Phillip Lim high waisted denim trousers, gorgeous festive headbands with feathers, black puff sleeve tees with enamel buttons, a sassy marigold and navy tank, and patent leather belts...)

(photo taken by Mike Dumlao at the Met)

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