Tuesday, November 13, 2007

iniam Introduces...

The debut of www.iniam.com is official...on it you will find a link to our blog (which is where you are now), a quarterly newsletter, and exclusive sales and promotions available to those who check our site and/or subscribe to our offerings via the Web page. On the Web site you will also find a little more information about our events. We have three reasonably-priced options, which generally work like this: You and your friends (or your fund-raising committee would like to get together to celebrate (an engagement, a new baby, a birthday, a new pair of shoes) but you don't have time to execute such a fest (buy the food, wine, matching napkins, party favors, etc.) or you don't have the urge to clean your house to a party-satisfactory degree. Answer? An iniam event! We provide the food, atmosphere, cocktails, and the main activity (besides catching up with each other or raising money) - shopping. Incentives (um, discounts) are given to the host(ess). We can accommodate any needs or desires in order to make your event easy as well as special.

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