Thursday, November 8, 2007

A Ray of Sunshine the weather turns cold, the clocks get turned back, and the clouds seem to hang over the Bay area like the veil of doom itself, our new shipment of Trina Turk will reinvigorate you. Gracing the sleeveless dress (see photo and fabric inset) is a cascade of silk orchids with sequining around the neck which makes your face positively sparkle!

We also received gold and/or silver pants (it's hard to tell which because these pants match with both grays and golds) in the Leesa style, a staff favorite because they fit most women; they have a natural waist (meaning not too low and not too high). To top them off, literally, is a sweet sleeveless keyhole top in a creme brulee yellow.

The cashmere sweater (see photo) looks amazing with a pair of the new Phillip Lim high-waisted's sort of fitted at the hip and the sleeves gently bell out; it's pretty sexy as far as sweaters go...and did I mention it is cashmere? Soft as a baby's bum.

We are looking forward to getting some winter white marshmallow-y, cashmere-y cardigans from Cynthia Steffe in the next couple of weeks and other goodies as well. But for now, Trina Turk's lemon fresh outlook will keep me inspired throughout the cloudier than thou days ahead. Sigh.

(photos both borrowed from Trina Turk Web site)

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