Monday, April 13, 2009

Fresh for Fall

After traveling, and what seems like weeks of assessing, scrutinizing, guessing and tabulating...the orders for fall clothing have been submitted. Sounds crazy right? It's barely been warm enough to justify shaving my legs for skirts and dresses and already I'm buying coats and sweaters for October!

It was an exciting trip to LA. Not only did the fall line up look good, I picked up a few designers I can't wait to debut. I must say that Fall is not what I expected. Mostly because I thought it would follow suit with Spring. Clothing has definitely been more figure conscious this season. Let's just say if you are 6 months post giving birth, don't hold your breath on finding baggy silhouettes to mask the aftermath. Let's face it, it's just not my season. On the other hand, enter fall '09 and it's a whole new ball game. Baggy, baggier, baggiest. Rather consistently, I kept seeing oversized sweaters, tshirts, tunics and even dresses that had an amorphic shape. To counter balance the looser tops, EVERY designer is doing their version of a SKINNY pant. Whether it's a riding pant, or leggings with zippers or some sort of ankle's all about tight on bottom and loose and flowy on top. Loose and lovely is where it's at this fall! BUT, if 'bigger is better' does NOT define your sense of style, don't worry! Designers have put together collections that also showcase clothing with a classic fit.

All this makes me wonder what the next big trend will with a peep toe?! (That's a whole other entry.)

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