Monday, May 25, 2009

Here's a Clu

I just got back from a relaxing week in Texas! For those of you wondering, "why Texas?" -- it's where I grew up. Truth be told, I love it there! I mean I love Cali, but Texas was my first home, so naturally I'm attached. And of course there are things about growing up in Texas that I'm still very fond of. For example, I love drinking ice tea! Back home, water and ice tea are almost synonymous. And it's not "raspberry" ice tea or "mango" ice's just ice tea. I love eating Tex-Mex...who doesn't love queso? I'm not referring to the literal spanish word meaning cheese, rather the Tex-Mex word which refers to hot liquid cheese mixed with salsa and/or avocado.

There are an infinite amount of things I could list about what I love...but my next favorite thing is that women there like to get dressed up. I'm not saying that women in Texas are setting runway trends. Heck, I saw some women at the airport I wanted to push into the ladies bathroom so I could do a quick style consult. Having said that, in general, women in Texas dress up for "regular" activities. Going to dinner, the movies, shopping or just out for coffee -- getting dolled up is not a big deal. No one looks at you funny if you wear a long dress and heels to run errands.

I can do casual, I just have to think about it. I'd be more myself in a prom dress than in a sweat suit. I wish I was one of those girls who could throw on a pair of yoga pants, a cute sweater, sunglasses, hip flip flops and be ready to go. I try..I do. I set my mind out to buy James Perse and I come back with a cocktail dress. Where am I going to wear a cocktail dress to? With 2 little dudes in my life, I'm pretty much wearing that cocktail dress to watch Thomas the Tank Engine with my 3 year old! I have hope or better yet I have Clu. Clu is a great line for tshirts, dresses, tanks, leggings, cardigans and so much more. The line adds great detail to what would normally be considered an ordinary garment. A tshirt that may have been overlooked now makes an impression. I love the velvet trim, or chiffon sleeves or ruffled neckline that adds a little something special. Clu is a great way to do casual and still look effortlessly put together.You can play it down, or like someone I know...ahem, ahem, you can put it together with skinny pants/jeans and heels (or flats/sandals if it's "thomas" time) and you are casual and stylish all in one.

So come on YA'LL, give it a try! Oh, and you guessed it....iniam's got it!

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