Friday, May 29, 2009

On the Go

I don't know about you, but it seems like I'm CONSTANTLY running errands. Between grocery shopping, picking up the dry cleaning, running to the bank, getting the car washed, picking up shoes at the at Nordstrom's half yearly sale, (FYI -- the walnut creek location has a pretty good selection of designer handbags. Lots of Valentino, marni etc. on sale! Plus they are pre-selling gucci handbags.) it always seems that there are umpteen thousand tasks that need to be done.

Most of my errands just pop up and need to be done, immediately. I usually just throw something on and run out the door. And since the sporty look is not my forte you can imagine my frustration. But come on, I'm NOT going to Bed Bath and Beyond in heels (oooh, I love these).

I've been coveting these BEAUTIFUL Lanvin satin kicks for some time now. They're sweet, and sporty, and, hip, and timeless all in one, AND they're tennis shoes so my feet will be well taken care of. These shoes are the perfect finishing touch to jeans, cropped pants, a short skirt or even a jersey dress.

I visit almost daily to see if these little beauties have gone on sale. With all things that I "need", can you blame me?

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