Monday, June 15, 2009

Affordable ROY

We've carried a lot of lines over the years, 4 years to be exact as of May 15th. Many of them have been with us from the get go and yet there are many to whom we've said good-bye. In a perfect world perhaps we wouldn't let any lines go, instead we would just keep adding more and more. But the reality is that designers evolve. Sometimes so much so that are no longer a good fit for iniam. Plus, lets face it...I want to new lines to admire and drool over.

One of my favorite designers which is no longer part of our vendor roster is my beloved Rachel Roy. I had the pleasure of meeting Rachel when we carried the collection. It's a rare time when you get to meet someone who is equally warm and humble as they are beautiful and talented! We brought Rachel's fabulous clothing to iniam in 2005 when she first launched the line. Talk about a collection that has evolved. We carried the line for several seasons and as the became more sophisticated it also moved to a price point that didn't sit well with our contemporary designers.

Though the collection is now in a young designer category it's still a line I love and admire. You can imagine my shock when I learned that Rachel Roy is now doing a line for Macy's available this August. "The cool, colorful collection, geared toward a young, hip shopper, will offer great style at great prices." Rachel will offer footwear, accessories, and sportswear ranging in price from $59 to $299.

This economy may be a downer but perhaps it's inspiring designers to put out lines that are affordable to the masses. Whatever the reason, I'm counting down the days till August. It's about time Rachel and I are reunited!

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