Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Brazilian Blowout

One of my favorite customers, JC, was in the other day. It started with a show and tell. She brought in a GORGEOUS Narciso Rodriguez dress she purchased for an event -- it was timeless and current all at the same time. Ahhhhhh, Narciso! After the show and tell we got to chatting, as we often do. JC told me about the Brazilian Blowout. Immediately my mind went to some rather interesting places. My first thought was a new and improved bikini hair removal process? Nope.

The Brazilian Blowouts is a treatment for hair (on your head, just to clarify) similar to the Japanese straightening technique except that the BB does not completely straighten your hair. "The hair still has plenty of volume and body and can still be worn curly or wavy. The Brazilian just softens whatever curl or wave you have. If the hair is air dried without a blow dryer, it will still have wave or curl but no frizz." BB is recommended for curly, wavy, damaged or color treated hair. The 60 to 90 minute treatment focuses on adding moisture to your hair instead of stripping it away.

I blow dry my hair every time I wash it. Then I smooth the fly-a-ways with a curling iron. Needless to say, it's a cumbersome process! There have been many crazed moments when I was half way to the salon to have the Japanese Straightening treatment done, but the thought of stick straight hair didn't appeal to me. I need some volume in my hair. After reading up on this process, I think I'll be the next in line to try it out!


Anonymous said...

Where did your customer get the BB process done?

iniam said...

Hi! My customer went to Lena at a salon called Grasshopper in South Park (South of Market in SF). Good Luck...I think I am going to try it too!

Jordana said...

It's true, the Brazilian Blowout is a miracle treatment for frizzy gals. It eliminates frizz and relaxes curl, bulk and blowdry time by about 75%! It is non-damaging and semi-permanent, so you can have your curls back in a few months with no awkward grow-out period. It's safe for colored, highlighted, and even bleached hair! Wavy hair becomes straight but with natural body, curly hair gets a flat, beachy wave and super-curly hair relaxes to a soft curl. More info, pics, testimonials, etc. at my website: