Monday, August 17, 2009

Fall Trends

iniam is anticipating new arrivals this week--fall fashion is trickling in and I can't wait! As you build your fall wardrobe, here are a few must haves to keep in mind.

1. Exaggerated Shoulders: Look for this trend in dresses, jackets and blouses.
2. Leggings: There are so many options to choose from. Solid, printed, lace, leather and even metallic leggings are all exceptional options to add pizazz to your tunic or dress
3. Leopard Print: Add a little leopard to your accessories, clothing, shoes or handbag.
4. Statement Jewelry: Take a classic outfit and transform it by by adding a bold necklace, a wow cocktail ring or dazzling earrings -- this is also a sure bet when taking an outfit from day to night.
5. Red: Add a pop of red color to your outfit with shoes or accessories or be bold and let red be the star of the show. Choose a red dress or red coat and really make a statement.

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