Monday, August 24, 2009

The "New" Pant?

It's NO secret that I love skinny pants, skinny jeans, leggings or anything that resembles the aforementioned. It's been my secret weapon during my tumultuous struggle of gaining and losing weight. Who would have thought that a pant starting with the word "skinny" would be my weapon of choice when it came to APPEARING as if I slashed a few pounds?! Let's just say, it works. I like to think of myself as the skinny pant ambassador destined to convert skeptical women everywhere!

I spent a portion of my week-end catching up on fall fashion magazines, reviews, pictures, blogs etc. As I perused and drooled over the best of fall, I found myself gravitating to the same trends irrespective of what publication I saw it in. I'm consistent, if nothing else. Similarly, if I'm not into a trend, I skip right over it. Well, perhaps until now. Being that my first love is the skinny pant, it goes against everything I believe in to entertain a baggy trouser, with pleats no less!

I'm not talking just pleated -- I'm talking about pleated AND droopy, cropped, cuffed and resembling the equally popular harem pant. I cringe just thinking about it. Truth be told though, the pants are spectacular! Somehow the ratio of the waist to the pleats to the roomy legs (mind you the pant should be coupled with a serious heel) seems to do work!

A woman's hips, bum and thighs get lost in the fold of the fabric -- the fit of the pant is forgiving. You get the look of wearing a full skirt while getting the relaxed boyish ease of pants. Seems like a no brainer to me. Of course, like any trend, you have to find the right fit for your frame. Too much fabric can be a fashion disaster.

Pair the voluminous pants with a simple tank, some show stopper jewelry (layered pearls around your neck), knock out heels and a short tailored or crop jacket to balance the look. Add a jeweled clutch or a animal skin (faux is great too) handbag and you've got style maven written all over you!

Any article of clothing that gives my hips, bum and thighs an opportunity to "get lost" -- I'm all over it!

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