Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Studs, Chains and Zippers Oh My

There are great trends to follow this fall, one of which is "hardware" for both clothing, shoes and accessories--sort of a dominatrix twist on fall fashion. There is a hard undertone to quite a bit of what is on the runways this upcoming season.

Truth be told, I love some of it and some of it, not so much. Studs, exposed zippers, grommets and chains have been on all types of clothing from blouses to evening wear but it's even more prevalent on accessories. Clothing with this type of embellishment may seem cumbersome to reinvent. But if you stick to something as basic as denim and a crisp tshirt, you can add the gamut of "hardware" accessories and look equally on top of your style game.

On a personal note, I've added some zippers and a beautiful chain necklace (available at iniam) to my wardrobe. Not sure about sunglasses though...think I'll pass!

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