Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Travel Tips

It seems like an eternity since I've been on vacation. With 2 kids, it's challenging enough to go out to eat much less getting on a plane. Unlike me, so many of my customers have gone away this summer -- every where from Aruba to Paris to Vietnam. Even though fall fashion is hitting me in the face and coming into the store at rapid speed, August is still a big travel month and thus buying fall clothing, for some, can seem too early.

I've had several inquiries on how to pack light and pack right when going on summer vacations. Naturally packing "light" and packing right don't always fit in the suitcase together, if you know what I mean. Here are a few suggestions on what to take to your summer destination:

1. Tanks for layering: Take basics: black, white and gray and/or a fashion color like turquoise
2. Cardigan
3. White Jeans
4. Linen Pants: white or black
5. Shorts
6. Dress: Take both short and long. Offers you the most versatility for day and night
7. Swimsuit
8. Flip Flops, sneakers and sandals - wedge or espadrille
9. Printed Tunic to be worn with jeans/linens or as swim suit cover up
10. Scarf/shawl: You can use this as an accessory or for warmth in the evenings

Bonus: Make sure to include accessories to give a little punch to your outfits. Long layered necklaces, colored or sparkly bangles, silver or gold hoop earrings, and straw handbag or hat will add something special to your stylish ensemble.

Have fun ladies...make sure to layer on the sun screen!

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