Wednesday, November 4, 2009

6 pairs of Shoes

I'm on the hunt for shoes again. My wardrobe could stand to have a few more flats so why do I keep gravitating towards OTK boots? I've always liked them, I just couldn't get myself into a pair, but now I am becoming freakishly obsessed. My Dolce Vita booties arrive tomorrow (I can't wait) and then I'll be on the hunt for some OTK boots. Since I'm off this week-end, I might pop into the city and spend a little time "investigating".

Whether or not over the knee boots or booties are your cup of tea, there are six types of shoes every women needs. I am by no means advocating that any woman should limit themselves to six pairs of shoes. I come from the "more is more" mind set -- at least where shoes are concerned. Having said that, the following are six shoe styles crucial in completing a woman's wardrobe:

1. Two inch kitten heel or wedge
2. Flat
3. Dressy/sexy high heel
4. Kicks -- a pair of sneakers that are fun (keep your Nike's for the gym)
5. Boots
6. All Weather Boots (rain boots)

I'm sipping on my cocktail (who cares if it's a tuesday night) and I'm shopping for shoes. I need a pair or all weather boots. Why the heck do I have a pair of heels in my shopping cart?

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