Monday, November 16, 2009

The "L" Word

The other night it was a marathon round of tv. I'm embarrassed to admit that I watched Oprah (tivo is my best friend) plus Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. I was able to fast forward through some of the commercials but watched Private Practice, live. I sat on my living room couch, glued to the tv. I justified watching hours of tantalizing fictional story lines as if it were remotely equivalent to reading a book. Normally I flip channels to avoid commercials but suddenly I found myself paying attention. It was a commercial for an "L" plan. And by "L," I don't mean Louboutin or Lacroix. I mean layaway or partial payment as I like to refer to it. At that one moment I realized what an ingenious plan layaway is. For years now layaway has gotten a bad rap. But truth be told, it's a great idea. Especially when it comes to designer goods.

We all know that I fall in love all the time. Though some of my obsessions must be bought as quickly as they are discovered, there are numerous items I could patiently wait for. For example, if I were to break up payments (over a 3 month period) for my beloved Chanel flats...well, let's just say I would do it! PLUS, I would avoid incurring large credit cards bills or having to take all the financial responsibility at once.

Oh, and if you want a handbag but you don't want your husband to know about it, well then perhaps a partial payment plan is the best way to keep those big purchases under the radar. A credit card charge of $1000 requires a lot more explaining than a few $300ish payments per month. Of course they aren't offering this plan at Neiman's or Barney's, though if they did, I would be all over it.

So if you are looking for a creative buying solution or you want to keep your credit cards bills manageable, a partial payment plan is a great option when making a hefty purchase! For now, iniam is figuring out how to offer this service. Stay tuned...

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