Monday, December 14, 2009

Little Goodies

I have a variety of holiday parties to attend over the next few weeks, and I'm not one to show up empty handed. Of course flowers, wine/champagne are always a nice gesture but with the holiday season, it only seems appropriate to "gift" something. We all work with or for people we want to share our appreciation with. Whether it be your your kid's teachers, the nanny, your husband's boss, or even the neighbor who gives you baking soda for the cookies you promised your son you would make (from scratch) -- true story, you need something a little more personal than a Starbucks gift certificate.

The point is there are a plethora of people you want to buy a holiday gift for and you want that something to be meaningful and budget conscious. And let's face it, the Chia Pet and the Snuggie Blanket are just not cool -- it doesn't matter how many times you've seen the commercials!

iniam has a handful of easy and inexpensive gifts you can grab while finding something a little more tailor fit for yourself. While picking up a dress for New Year's Eve and you also grab a pashmina, candles, diffusers, jewelry, beautiful hair accessories, luxurious soaps or even better a gift certificate in any amount you choose. At the end of your shopping excursion, you and the gift you are giving will BOTH make Santa proud!

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