Tuesday, March 31, 2009

What's Hot for Spring/Summer?

I love shopping...shocking, right?! Online, offline, womens, mens...I do not discriminate. And frankly, it's not just about buying a tangible item. Window shopping is so under appreciated. Each season there are so many new reasons to shop. The trends are ever changing. Some you may like and some, well not so much. BUT different brands and designers have so many different interpretations of the trends. You are sure to find a piece that suits your personal style! Here is what is rockin' the runway this Spring/Summer:

1. Flesh tones: Ahhhhh, my personal favorite this season! From peach to blush, taupe to ivory, cool neutrals make a modern minimalist impression. This is such a simple trend that really speaks volume about your personal style. Mix and match different shades of neutrals and fabrics. Throw in some metallic and take your daytime look to night time glam.
2. Sheer beauty: Show it with out SHOWING IT. Create a provocative look with translucent fabrics. Layer your sheer pieces to create a modest opaque look.
3. Shine on metallics: This is the mother of all trends. Whether your key piece is metallic or you are using a metallic accent to give impact to your outfit, your destined to add shine to any look.
4. Black summer: Black is your new summer hue -- need I say more?
5. Geometry: What does grade school math have to do with fashion? Geometric prints offer a modern aesthetic that needs to be added to your wardrobe. Whether it's stripes, triangles, circles, spots or squares, you are sure to look sharp! Make sure to let the print do the talking, keep your hair and makeup simple.
6. Fancy pants: Hit your real life runway in the latest line of fanciful pants. Jumpsuits are back in every guise from the trousergown to ankle cropped and tuxedo variations. Harem pants are in focus as are the always flattering ankle crop. Have you seen the "mc hammer" pants? VERY trend. I like 'em. Not sure how to wear them...but I see them everywhere. I just ordered a pair... BCBG has a very reasonable priced pair that seems to be quite comfortable.
7. Easy chic blazers: Kick back oversized blazers with pushed up sleeves. I love the big easy mood. It's time to loosen up and play with proportions. Mix oversized top with shorts or skinny pants.
8. Fringe benefits: The 1920s roared back onto the runway this season and "fringe" is all the rage. No need to overdress this trend, a simple clutch makes the perfect accent.
9. Crayola color: Spring summer 09 is alive with color! From chartreuse to bluebell, wild strawberry to kelly green to lemon yellow and fire engine red. Children's crayola colors are sprayed over everything from evening gowns to day dresses. This season, color in your look to suit your mood. The brighter the better!

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