Monday, July 27, 2009

Is It Cold Yet?

I grew up in Houston and don't think I ever owned a winter coat. Sure I had some zip up jackets for the occasional cold day BUT nothing that I would have categorized as a real coat much less something fashionable.

Then, on a whim, I decided to move to San Francisco and there began my love and obsession for coats. I couldn't have picked a better city to basque in the frigid air with my (upcoming) long oatmeal colored coat by Transit. Call me crazy but every time I think about it, I hear angels singing.

My love for coats is not just in the obvious beauty of it being well made with impeccable detail, it's that it can actually be your entire outfit. You can wear jeans and a simple, clean tshirt and once you throw on your coat of choice, you are dressed and ready to go. I'm ashamed to admit that there have been many times I've have confidently shopped at the grocery store, IN MY PAJAMAS, because my coat (plus heels) was the perfect camouflage to what could have been a fashion disaster.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when coat shopping:
1. A trench is a trench is a trench. Need I say more? It's the most timeless, versatile piece of outerwear a girl can own. Sure it's great to stick to a classic khaki trench OR switch it and buy a trench in charcoal gray, cobalt blue or even fuschia pink -- I love the pictured Elizabeth and James trench in white.
2. Look for a coat that allows you to be bold. Try a 3/4 length sleeve -- add long leather gloves for a chic look.
3. Add accessories to your coat: Add some originality to your coat by pinning a vintage broach or a family heirloom to your lapel.
4. If wearing a clean classic coat, add a silk scarf around your neck for color pop and instant style. If you are feeling bold enough try a fur (or faux fur) scarf.
5. Try a sweater coat. For a more casual look or if the climate you allows, a sweater coat is a great option.
5. Be bold. Color is in! As I said, coats aren't just for warmth. If you want your primary coat to be basic then try a peacoat or swing jacket in a bright bold color.

I know it seems crazy to be talking about coats, but the reality is that fall is around the corner and a girl needs to be prepared to shop. Think of a coat as an investment that will stay a part of your wardrobe for seasons to come.

I want for you to hear angels sing too!

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