Monday, July 6, 2009

Sell Something, Buy Something

If you've been reading the blog, you know we've started our clearance sale. Frankly, so has everyone else. Stores from Old Navy to Bergdorfs, are offering deals on this seasons hits and misses. Though the main reason for end of season sales is to make room for the upcoming season's goodies, it's also when buyers come to terms with the fact that sometimes things we think will sell, clearly do not. Whatever the reason for mark down, it's all about getting something you want for less.

But what about us the consumer? We've all had spectacular purchases in our past -- everything from sequin vests (what was I thinking?) to things we've lied to our husbands about. In our defense, we wore those things and loved them and took care of them and now several seasons later, it's time to part ways. Perhaps you just want to make some much needed room in your closet. It can be overwhelming to look at a closet full of "inactive" clothing and try to put together something you feel good in.

But what does that mean for us? How can we "clearance" our own closets? We spent good money on those things. Why shouldn't we be able to salvage some of that initial investment?

Here are a few tips on how to recoup some money:

1. Consignment/Trading Store: Everyone should have a trading store in their neighborhood. Take your unwanted clothing, shoes, accessories over so that the staff can examine your goods and then offer you a price for items they feel will sell at their store. It can be a little time consuming but easy nonetheless! Crossroads and Bufflo Exchange are two great options. Otherwise you can visit your local consignment store. Unlike the trading stores, consignment stores will take your clothing and pay you out as it sells. Either way you are in the money!
2. Use or I recommend this for some of your more designer clothing and shoes. Just post your items and get ready to be amazed by how easy it can be to make money.
3. Throw a SWAP party: Simply invite your girlfriends over for an afternoon/evening of tasty treats and some easy shopping. Ask your friends to bring clothes they are ready to part way with. Set up mini boutiques with each friend being the "store owner". Then, 1-2-3...start shopping! Attendees can charge money for items or simply trade. The more friends you invite the more variety and sizes you will have. Feel free to add maternity or kids clothing if you like. Add some bubbly and hors d'oeuvres and presto the evening is a hit and everyone goes home with something they love!
4. Donate: Lastly, if you're done with your clothing and simply want to get rid of it without much thought or preparation, you can donate the clothing to a variety of charitable organizations in your local area. You may not make any money but you will help someone out that may not have otherwise been able purchase that clothing.

Hmmmm...sounds like it's time to go shopping again!