Monday, July 20, 2009

Suit Up

It's Monday and as we head back into the work week it's tough enough trying to get back in the weekly grind muchless worry about what to wear. My tip for this work week and frankly any work week is -- wear a suit. I'm sure many of you have corporate work environments as well as non traditional work environments. I realize that a suit may seem daunting, conservative or even boring, but it really is the most versatile and complete outfit you can have in your closet. There are so many ways to make use of your suit. The the upfront investment for a good quality suit gets paid off in no time at all. Here are a few suggestions on how to continually reinvent a suit to fit your lifestyle:

1. Wear a suit with a tshirt. Change the look of your suit from uber predictable to fun and funky. You don't have to wear a blouse. Instead try a screen print tshirt and tennis shoes. It's and edgy twist on a classic look.
2. Hem your suit pants so you can wear it with flats. These days with the many fantastic flat options, why torture your toes with heels when you can look equally chic with flats.
3. Separate your suit. Use your suit bottoms to with any of the many great blouses you already have in your wardrobe. The jacket can we paired back with a simple vneck tshirt and denim for a more hip and causual look. Add some layered necklaces or a scarf and heels and presto you are ready for anything.
4.Add accessories. Add a colorful hand bag, a patent belt, a colored shoe to jazz up your look. If you opt for a skirt suit, don't be afraid to add textured hoisery to give the suit a pop.
5. Wear your suit through the seasons. You can wear your suit with anything from a silk tank or thsirt in the spring/summer to a light cashmere sweater on turtleneck for the fall/winter.
6. For a sexier look add a sheer blouse under your jacket.

Don't think of your suit as a single unit. Change it up, split it apart and accessorize it in a way that really sets it apart. These days you can find a suit in a price range that fits your budget. You can find great options at Banana Republic, Jcrew, Theory and Armani. Whatever your budget, you can find great suits in colors and cuts that fit you and your lifestyle.

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