Friday, September 25, 2009

I love RED

Roses are red
Violets are clementino
That makes no sense -- but who cares, we're getting VALENTINO (Red)!!!

It's a celebratory day at iniam. Lot's of giddy laughter and tears of joy. The iniam girls are doing everything from hugging each other to crazy dances that involve the "roger rabbit" and the "kid 'n play". I was on the brink of wetting my pants when the orders were finally submitted. Now it's official. Starting this January, iniam will carry Red by Valentino!!

What a beautiful line! It's a bit pricey, BUT the style, cut, fit and timelessness is...well, Valentino! Really, need I say more?

I did the buying for iniam -- a small but wonderful collection. After that was done, I saw an absolutely beautiful gown that I had to have for myself. Of course I bought it. The other UNWORN gowns in my closet were getting lonely so I thought I would add one more. I'm constantly scouring through city news to find fancy shmancy balls I can sneak into. In the meantime, if you see an overdressed woman at Safeway with two kids -- Yup, it's me!

Lots to report now that I am back from NYC. Mostly news about exciting new lines. Stay tuned...

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