Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Rocker Shoes

I love these shoes. They're so not what I would typically buy myself, but I really love them. The flats are by Be and D, also the designer of my beloved Kan Kan Tote. That bag is still on my "must have" list, though I think I am leaning to Lanvin for this year's handbag purchase. My husband and I have a "one handbag per year" quota. Some years I can slip in 2, but I try and stick to the "rules." -- I digress.

I saw these shoes last week while I was in NYC. Of course they didn't have my size so I just stroked the soft buttery leather and then ordered them online. The beauty of the shoe, aside from the obvious, is that the the studded band can be moved to the back of the shoe for a different look. I'm thinking of tight skinny jeans, tshirt, oversized cardigan and of course the flats -- big bag and some sunglasses, and I'm off.

I hope they are comfortable...

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